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Flexible office space? burooh! We are an independent website that helps scale-ups, SMEs and companies in their search for suitable flexible office spaces or coworking spaces. Our aim is to create the ideal, inspiring workplace for your team(s).

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Why opt for coworking?

Self-employed or freelance? Solo entrepreneur or perhaps you have a small team? Then coworking is definitely something for you and/or your team. As well as offering you a professional starting point, it also ensures synergy in terms of knowledge, establishes a whole host of useful contacts and is a much more efficient way of working than stuck between your own four walls. The following are some of the advantages of coworking and coworking spaces.
Ideal for branding
Coworking is trendy. And the countless coworking areas and flexible offices include a number of real treasures. Guaranteed to boost your business’s image. A trendy space with flexible offices, splendid meeting rooms and superb catering: these are just some of the advantages of contemporary coworking. Your customers will be delighted, while you be able to attract motivated staff who enjoy coming to the office, even though they can often work from home. The ideal biotope for growing your business.
Lower costs, more flexibility
A co-working space or an all-in office in a business centre often costs only a fraction of a typical office space. Feel free to inquire about the property prices. On top of that come the fixed costs and the fitting out costs and you are immediately faced with a sizeable investment. And as a growing business, you have the opportunity to put your budget to better use. Opt for co-working or a flexible workplace to cut down on costs, while often having the opportunity to hire at short notice. The fit-out work is also completely taken care of and there are no extra costs for utilities.
No facility concerns
What you want is to keep your business running and not waste time with lighting, toilets and cleaning. In coworking spaces people are available to spare you this this chore. The facility services are arranged for you, so you don’t have to waste your energy on these concerns. Say goodbye to frustration!
A cross-fertilisation of ideas
Coworking spaces attract a whole lot of creative entrepreneurs. providing lots of opportunities to learn from other people and exchange ideas over lunch. The flexible workspace manager usually helps to provide some extra momentum. Conferences, workshops and top speakers: you often have the opportunity to take part in many stimulating events. Coworking is a mutually stimulating experience that still allows you a suitable level of freedom and independence. Other coworkers are bound to act as sources of inspiration and offer valuable insights. Knowledge-sharing is a key part of this community, so take the plunge and reap the benefits.
Trouble-free expansion
Are you enjoying rapid growth? Surplus space is often available and there are opportunities to grow in-house. Otherwise you can relocate to another business space at lightning speed, without a cut-throat contract or obligations. You operate with short-term contracts so that you can take swift action and give your company all the necessary breathing space.
Ease off the accelerator
From fun-loving souls to the hyperactive, most coworking areas offer everybody sufficient opportunities for relaxation. Because sometimes it’s all about you and/or your team easing off on the pedal. This facilitates contact with others, you forge bonds with them and these informal contacts often lead to new opportunities and ideas. You notice the flex places, flexible workplaces or coworking spaces create new opportunities and produce a huge amount of energy.

Finding the ideal flexible office space

You may be convinced about the benefits of coworking spaces and keen to take the plunge but could use some help finding the right place. We at Burooh have gathered together some of the best coworking spaces and flexible workplaces in the country.
Just tell us what you want and we will look in our database for the workplace that suits your requirements. Completely free of charge as well because our business model ensures the costs are transferred to the property owners. All the more reason to consider the coworking space option.